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France as a Study Destination

France as a Study Destination (1)

A Hub of Education


The French higher education system is world-class and dynamic, preparing future leaders for a country that succeeds in science, business, and culture. France is one of the most popular study-abroad locations, attracting a large number of students from all over the world each year. Studying in France not only provides a fantastic educational experience but also leads to good international professional chances following graduation. France is better known for its high level of technological development, culture, and reputation in the education system, which attracts several young aspirants here every academic year.


Excellence in Science and Technology


In the field of information technology, France is ranked second in Europe and fourth worldwide. In various disciplines, France is at the forefront of technological advancement. The supervision and technical administration of the European space program Ariane, the operational launcher of several dozen communications and observation satellites, is the responsibility of France. The electronic card, the TGV railway, and the Ariane rocket, as well as the discovery of HIV, are all examples of France’s scientific and technological achievements in recent decades.


French Education is Quality Education


Why to study in France

Several French universities rank highly in different rankings of the best universities in Europe and the globe published by specialized foreign media.


Work Placement


Work placements in businesses have become a compulsory part of the curriculum for many study disciplines at French universities and grandes écoles. International students in France can learn and benefit much from these placements, which are greatly appreciated by future employers. Sometimes a successful collaboration can lead to a permanent position.


International students are eligible for the same privileges as French students.


International students in France benefit from:

  • student accommodation supplement
  • student social security cover
  • possibility of engaging in professional paid employment
  • Knowing French is not Essential



Affordable Life

Study abroad in France

It offers excellent value for money by providing internationally recognized degrees at reasonable prices because the government supports education in France.  Except, in business schools, tuition is essentially non-existent. Most students will find that living costs in provincial areas are lower than in most European capitals. The French government often provides students and international students with some financial help for accommodation up to about one-third for successful students.


Friendly Environment


French universities are increasingly utilizing English as a medium of teaching to attract more foreign students, particularly in fields such as management, engineering, and political science. As part of the customary French hospitality, international students are warmly welcomed. Most campuses nowadays have a multicultural environment. During the summer vacation, language centers and special courses are available for students who aren’t fluent in French.


Rich in Art and Culture


France is one of Europe’s most historically rich countries, with diverse art and traditions. While some associate it with romance, the majority of people admire it for its rich and diverse culture and art. Many notable paintings, such as Monet’s, are found in France. Magnificent architecture still stands, reflecting the influence of different periods in history from the Eiffel Tower to the Ave de triumph. It is home to some of the most modern antique buildings.