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Greece Pathway Programs

Is moving to UK, Canada, or New Zealand on your mind? Does appearing for an IELTS exam worry you for a required band? 

No need to worry anymore, because we now give your a solution to this – Greece Pathway Program.

First of all, let us guide on what is a Pathway Program, and how will that help you to attain your final goal without the hassle of appearing for IELTS. 

What is a Pathway Program?

Pathway programs, also known as bridge programs, are a useful choice for global learners who are thinking about studying at international destinations, but are worried that their English language skills are not commanding enough.

A pathway program allows foreign learners who wish to pursue in the studies internationally to take classes in English as a second language (ESL) while also taking classes that will count towards their degree as credits. These programs last about a year and tend to give the college or university with which they are affiliated “conditional acceptance.”

Pathway programs are particularly helpful for global learners who want to study in the international language but do not yet have the English language skills they need to perform well on the English language standardized tests needed for global universities and colleges.

Why Pick a Pathway Program in Greece?

Greece, a beautiful Mediterranean country is proud to be one of the oldest living cultures on earth, presenting many thousands of years of history and development. It is located near the crossroads of Europe and Asia and it is an entrance gate to the European Union, centered geographically in south-eastern Europe.

Ancient Greece is deeply rooted by its great thinkers for concepts of individualism, freedom, democracy and government, and these ideas are till date very popular and highly debated even today such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus and many other great questioners and innovators. Impact of Greece has reached many high schools and universities around the world. Homer’s famous works The Iliad and The Odyssey has been read by many students worldwide. 

Following ancient Greek scholars who have made excellent progress in philosophy, medicine, mathematics and astronomy, Greece now retains graduates from academic organisations in the country, characterised by the elevated rate of education these universities provide.

International students will find that a richly varied geography, a long-established archeological tradition, a modern society and bustling economy are just some of the reasons that make Greece a fascinating place to study. Modern Greece still has alot to offer apart from ancient culture. Greece is unique in its role as a member of the European Union as a participant in both the European and Mediterranean markets.

Upon enrolling for Pathway program in Greece, international students can choose to migrate to another country upon completion of two academic years and this unique proposition has helped many to conquer their dream to live and study in their desired destination be it Canada, New Zealand or UK. 

No IELTS is required to enroll for the Greece Pathway programs and you can also avail of low tuition fees, which makes managing your expenses a tid bit easier. 

For more details about your eligibility criteria, connect with us at RG International.