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Education System in Spain

Spain has over 80 universities, of which over 32 are private. Most of them are concentrated in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Spanish universities have adapted their education system to be in sync with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). This means that students have the advantage and flexibility of transferring their credits and moving universities for further studies anywhere in Europe. It also means that their qualifications are at par with students from all other European universities under the EHEA, translating into a uniform job market.

University studies in Spain are grouped into three-degree levels as per the EHEA. Those are undergraduate studies, graduate studies (Masters) and postgraduate studies (Doctoral degrees). Besides these, most universities also offer an extensive number of unofficial Masters programmes, which offer hands-on and constructive experience in their respective professional sectors. Students have the opportunity to leverage this training once they enter the job market. 

Most programmes offered by Spanish universities follow a specified structure. This helps students focus better and an expected schedule will usually yield rather productive results.

Universities foster entrepreneurial talent. In fact, lots of institutions assign sector-specific experienced mentors to students, to guide them through their presentations to probable investors.

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Why Study in Spain?

Spanish universities are attracting more than a lakh of students each year, with the numbers steadily rising. With full focus on the quality of education, and being not just abreast but ahead of most other international universities, Spanish universities are offering unique study experiences. Known for their world-class research, ace business schools, and a language, which is the second-most spoken native language of the world, Spain as a study destination is definitely not an opportunity to be missed. 

Cost of Studying in Spain​

Students from Spain and those belonging to the EU, pay the same fees. However, students from outside the EU, pay a higher tuition fees.

Job Opportunities After Studying in Spain​

Choosing to study in a country offering such a brilliant curriculum, guarantees exposure to potential employers. Knowledge of the Spanish language is a big asset too.

Student Visa Requirements for Spain​

For a Bachelor’s Degree, non-EU students’ applications require schooling certificates, recognised by the Spanish university. Post that, students need to take the Spanish University entrance exam.

Universities in Spain

Top universities to consider when you plan to study in Spain

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