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Why Becoming a Pilot could be the best career choice for you.

An excellent career with lots of job opportunities awaits you.

Being a pilot has always been a prestigious and enigmatic career option. Add to that, the option and possibility of pursuing aviation law, recreating cases physically, arguing them in the court of law, and being able to provide relief to the sufferings of many – it is a stellar combination!


A pilot’s career, especially one who has studied and trained overseas, has many benefits:


  1. A burgeoning demand for pilots in India and abroad – so the choice of returning to your homeland, or exploring more options in other countries, is always open. According to industry estimates, the demand for pilots globally is going to grow at a rapid pace of 8,00,000 new pilots over the next 20 years, and 17,000 additional pilots in India itself in the next 10 years!
  2. Various traveling destinations – while at work, or on a holiday with applicable travel discounts.
  3. Always working in a ‘room with a view’ – never underestimate this privilege!
  4. Meeting people from various cultural backgrounds – while training and once at work.

If you feel you have the spirit to live a life of adventure and hard work, then the ‘Aviation Law & Professional Pilot License’ degree, at Lazarski University, Poland, is for you! The degree is a 3-year program, wherein the curriculum has been adapted to the contemporary demands of the market.


  1. Both theoretical and practical knowledge is imparted, to obtain the Airline Transport Pilot License (A). The program includes all modules, including VFR, IR(A), MPE, CPL, etc.  
  2. Starting as early as the first year of studies, students are given the opportunity to attend an internship held at a professional pilot training center – Goldwings Flight Academy. The aircrafts used depend on the training, varying from the Cessna 152,172, to Piper and Diamond.  
  3. After obtaining the ATPL (A) license, and accomplishing 200 hours of flying time as an airline pilot, students are eligible to apply for a CPL exam to obtain a license. The CPL license allows you to apply for the position of second pilot in all airlines worldwide.
  4. The knowledge focus on the legal aspect of civil aviation in the EU and the world, will allow students to practice the profession well, and prepare them for work in civil aviation authorities and institutions.
  5. During your training, it is possible that you feel being a pilot is not exactly your calling, or you could have a health setback, which makes you rethink this career decision. Surprisingly, this particular degree allows you to be fully prepared for such a situation too. The excellent theoretical knowledge of aviation law that is acquired during the degree, will prepare you for work with civil aviation authorities and institutions too. Aviation control procedures, general aircraft know-how, meteorology, planning, flight execution, monitoring, navigation, operating procedures, communications, and flight rules – are all a part of the curriculum, presenting diverse opportunities for you in the future.
  6. Post completion of the program, our dedicated placement team guarantees job placements for all students. It is predicted that jobs for pilots and aviation lawyers are going to explode soon. In fact, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, has already expressed his concern over the growing shortage of pilots.
  7. Studying aviation and flying training in India is not only very expensive in comparison to other countries, but the number of available seats are also very few. Therefore, successful completion of your degree with Lazarski, Poland, along with the required numbers of flying hours, is the best possible option.

With so many interesting prospects after graduation from Lazarski University, let us not forget all that Poland is great for!

Poland has over 400 public and private higher education institutions to offer. Conducted in the English language, the programmes are of extremely high quality, while study costs, and the cost of living, is substantially lower than most other European countries.


Poland has fast become the destination of choice for a wide variety of programs. Popular degrees include medicine, engineering, architecture and physics.


Since Poland is one of the 26 European countries covered under the SCHENGEN visa, students studying in the country are free to visit the 25 other countries. Since 2004, Polish diplomas have also become recognised better internationally. To add to it, Poland is a member of the World Health Organisation (WHO).


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