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About RG International

The most trusted overseas education consultant in India!

RG International was founded with a vision to revolutionize the overseas education scenario in India. Students aspiring to study abroad, face some hurdles in terms of getting the valuable info which can help them further their prospects as there is an ocean of information to navigate. This is where we step in, as experienced overseas education consultants having the expertise of 10+ years of helping over 10,000+ student’s placements. We join the dots to connect various considerable factors for students to help them fulfil their dreams to study overseas education.  


Success Stories

Listen to our student’s success stories and what they have to say about their journey with us!


I was trying to secure my admission in Poland, for further studies, and with the help of RG International I have been able to secure the same. I especially want to thank Mr. Rajiv Soni, Mr. Umesh Bardoliwala and the entire RG Team that helped me through the process. It’s a dream come true for me and my family.

Dhruvkumar Vyas
Lazarski University, Poland
Msc. In Economics

The fantastic and friendly team of experts advised me like no other consultants could and built the trust in me, ensuring I select the right course in the appropriate country. Thank you so much RG International and team, it is because of you that I am flying to Poland and fulfilling my dream of studying abroad.

Dipali Patel
University Of Agriculture In Krakow
Master’s In Environmental & Plant Biotechnology

RG International helped me fulfill my dream of studying abroad turn into reality. They are a team of co-operative expert individuals and have helped me through the process in the simplest ways. Come to RG International, make and share your success story like mine. I highly recommend RG International to all the students who are planning to go abroad and study in Poland or any European country.

Dipen Patel
Lazarski University
Msc. In Economics

The entire process of studying abroad seems like an easy task for RG International team that it was unbelievable. They helped me with the process and made it simpler for me to decide which course and country to choose. They helped me understand every detail of the process and therefore I was ready for the student visa within a month’s span of time. Thanks to RG International, I will now study in Europe and create better future prospects for myself. Thanks Mr. Rajiv Soni for his support and help, I will be flying to Poland in a month.

Joy Sopariwala
West Pomeranian Business School
Bsc. In International Business

RG International has provided me with the necessary steps to pursue my higher studies in Poland. The consultants had very good knowledge in helping me to find out the exact program that suited my aspirations. Along With this, they even helped me a lot in arranging travel Insurance and accommodation. I am very pleased with their hard work in helping students to study abroad easily.

Karan Patel
West Pomeranian Business School
Bsc. In International Business

It was a great experience to get a service from RG International and I am impressed with the professional dealings of staffs. Umesh Bardoliwalan and Rajiv Soni helped me a lot during my visa processing. I would like to thank them and all other RG staff who have worked on my entire process. I wish them all success in the near future. They did a great job in getting me my visa for my entry to Poland. The services were really helpful. I'm very grateful to RG International as they helped me realise my dream.

Mohammed Yousuf Shaikh
West Pomeranian Business School
Msc. In Global Management

I was researching on suitable courses available in Europe from 2016 onwards with the help of many overseas education consultants. However my research did not yield any satisfying answers for my queries from any of the consultancies except for RG International. I am really satisfied with the service and co-operation of each and every department of RG International. RG International provided me, an excellent service & I recommend them to everyone who wants to study abroad.

Pinkal Chauhan
West Pomeranian Business School
Bsc. In International Business

We all know that it takes time, effort, patience and a good amount of funds to apply for and actually obtain a Poland student Visa. In my case I was almost losing a chance because I was denied with my previous application, but a friend recommended me to RG International. They made me feel confident and helped me overcome all my barriers; they also helped me in every stage of the process. I Thank them for putting up with my 100s of questions and reverting on them immediately! I appreciate all their help and would recommend RG International as the overseas consultants to everyone I know, because with them dreams do come true.

Bhavin Jethva
University Of Information Technology & Management
Masters In Logistics & Transport

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to RG International for their excellent support throughout the whole process. They are fast and effective in everything they do, clear communication skills and are very much reliable at all situations. They help us choose the best options we got and therefore I can recommend this organization to people looking for abroad studies. They will not let you down.

Pratik Desai
West Pomeranian Business School
International MBA

You guys are doing an excellent job. I am very much impressed and satisfied with your service. Thank you so much for all your support. I wish you all a very successful journey. Utmost thanks and wishes. Excellent service with very welcoming nature. Presentation of college and program details is outstanding. Overall excellent.

Rahul Maisurai
University Of Information Technology & Management
Masters In Information Technology

Top Study Destinations

Studying abroad is a very rewarding and life-altering experience for every international student.

Find out the best places to study abroad that open up your mind and build your strength because you learn to explore, transform, travel and learn – all you have to do is get in touch with us so we can guide you further. It can be the most rewarding decision a person makes, as it can benefit you beyond your imagination and expectations. It offers a unique opportunity to discover diverse cultures, make lifelong relationships and connections, and also gain an educational degree that goes a long way in holistic development.


Study in Canada

The Academic Superpower With Multitude Of Opportunities

Graduating in any programme from a Canadian University, itself acts as a mark of trust and excellence. They lay a strong emphasis on research and development, specifically in the fields of medicine, telecommunication, agriculture, environmental science and technology.Our overseas education consultants ensures that you lay the solid foundation of your career with the right education. 


Study in UK

Explore The Opportunities Of World-Class Education

The United Kingdom, with its world-renowned institutions, has an undisputed reputation for academic excellence. With a thriving student population, which is only growing rapidly, the UK has become a magnet for young, aspiring students. Get professional advice from overseas education consultants and turn your dream to study in UK into reality. 


Study in USA

The Top-Ranked International Study Destination

The United States is known to be the leading destination with the most premier universities offering versatile and flexible higher education options to international students. Let’s connect with expert study overseas consultants to choose the right career path. 


Study in Germany

The Home To Some Of The World-Class Engineering Institutions In The World!

Germany is one of the best places to study abroad and a paradise for higher education. In Germany, unlike any other country, many universities rank around the world, with countless courses to choose from, & globally respected degrees that offer high employability and low cost of living.


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