Our Pioneers



Founder – CEO
(RG international India , RG Europa group , RG Alliance SA PTY-LTD)

Mr. Rajiv Soni, the Co-founder and CEO of RG International, is a dynamic leader determined to revolutionize the study abroad landscape in India. With over a decade of industry experience since 2008, he has personally visited 600+ universities worldwide, committed to delivering the best to clients, partners, and associates. With his exceptional business acumen and unwavering passion for transforming education, Mr. Rajiv Soni has played a pivotal role in establishing RG International’s reputation and success.


(RG international India , RG Europa group , RG Alliance SA PTY-LTD)

Mr. Paresh Chalodiya, the Co-founder and CEO of RG International since 2008, is committed to delivering fast and exceptional student services. With a personal touch, he treats every aspirant like family, working tirelessly to fulfill their dreams. His partnership with Mr. Rajiv Soni has propelled RG International to great heights.

Mr. Umesh Bardoliwala

Partner- CEO

Mr. Umesh Bardoliwala, the CEO of RG International, is dedicated to his work with unwavering commitment. From counseling and admissions assistance to resolving financial and visa queries, his guidance is invaluable in solving every problem. Whether it’s 10 in the morning or 8 in the evening, he remains just one call away, determined to provide assistance at any time.

Mr. Ankur Patel

Partner- CEO

Mr. Ankur Patel, the CEO of RG International, is responsible for VISA processing, the final step in a student’s journey to study abroad. With precision and undivided attention, he personally handles each VISA file. His organization, discipline, experience, and attention to detail ensure smooth and stress-free VISA approvals for our students. His expertise has resulted in numerous success stories at RG International.

Mr. Abhi Patel

Partner- CEO

Mr. Abhi Patel, the CEO of RG International, specializes in providing exceptional guidance for students interested in studying in Canada and the USA. With comprehensive knowledge of courses, colleges, universities, application requirements, and province/state-based information, he offers top-notch assistance. His expertise ensures that he is well-equipped to handle all aspects of the student’s journey, making him a valuable resource for students pursuing education in these popular destinations.

Mr. Jigar Desai

Partner-CEO, South Africa

Mr. Jigar has counseled endless students and has been the perfect catalyst between the students and their dream to study abroad. Be it B2B relations or B2C relations; be it catering to the student needs or the employee needs, with his excellent communicational skills and passion to provide the best, Mr. Jigar Desai wholesomely manages the operations at RG International.

Ms. Mareeah Badri

Operation Manager

Mareeah is the Career Counsellor at RG International. She has 15+ years of experience in training and counselling Special Education Needs children and their parents. Furthermore, she has trained mainstream and gifted students in cognition development and language acquisition and research method developmental skills. Also, she is an avid reader and loves to go on bike rides in her leisure time.

Ms. Jagruti Rohda

Head of Administration

Jagruti is the Head of Administration at RG International. She has completed her Master’s of Business Administration from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) and had been working with RG International for more than 3+ years and have assessed 5000+ profiles and guided the aspiring students. With her deep knowledge of administration of all the countries she makes the admission procedure smooth and hassle-free by catering the needs of our students.
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