German Language Coaching

Es ist immer spannend eine neue Sprache lernen, nicht wahr? *

The thought of being able to communicate with a whole new set of people is very intriguing. Today, if you had to pick a new language to learn, it would most definitely be German. * It’s always thrilling to learn a new language, isn’t it?

Why Learn German Language?

If we begin to look at Germany’s contribution to the world, we see that the country has excelled marvellously in all strata. There is a whole world within the world wide web that’s in German. There are over 15 million important websites that are in German, so it’s no surprise that knowing the language will open new avenues for you. The German online presence is the second largest, globally. Their offline presence isn’t far behind; Germany ranks fifth when it comes to publication of new books annually, proving that they are way ahead in their communication and media game. If this doesn’t impress you, you should know that German is the widest spoken language across Europe. So, if you know German, you’re not tapping only into the German market, but into the entire European market, allowing you to widen your business connections. It’s the land of innovation; there’s an endless list of ideas and solutions across industries like technology, medicine, automobile, pharmaceuticals, home appliances, etc. that have emerged from Germany.

German Language Levels

Beginner Level: A1 & A2

Level A1 and A2 are for beginners to comprehend and speak basic German. This level allows you to be proficient in simple conversations that involve personal details, family details and basic questions and phrases that will help you get by. You will understand basic German that is being spoken to you slowly.

Intermediate Level: B1 & B2

The second level i.e B1 and B2 includes the pre-intermediate and intermediate courses. This level is ideal for students as it goes a step ahead in understanding and being able to speak. With this level, you will have a larger vocabulary, and will understand how to frame complex sentences. You can make yourself understood at university and work.

Advanced Level: C1 & C2

Finally, C1 and C2 is the advanced level that will allow you to master the language. This is required only by those who are looking at jobs that require you to speak, read and write German full-time – translators, government jobs, emergency services, etc.

German Language Tests

Goethe Institut:

Goethe Institut is Germany’s cultural institute active worldwide for promoting study of German language and cultural exchange. After finishing a level of German language students can appear for exams conducted by Goethe Institut/Zentrum at various locations in India. Goethe examinations are recognized in all German Universities. Test locations: Goethe Institut: Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Pune. Goethe Zentrum: Ahmedabad(A1-B1), Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Trivandrum


TestDaF stands for Test Deustch als Fremdsprache which translates to Test German as a foreign language. It is an exam for testing your German language skills for higher education. Generally, it is advised to appear for this exam if you have acquired significant knowledge of German language(B2/C1) and planning to study in German taught programs. There is no prerequisite of German language level for TestDaF. Test locations: Goethe Institut: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Pune.

Durations For The Test

The total duration of the test which includes all the modules is 2 hours and 45 minutes.
Listening30 Minutes
Reading60 Minutes
Writing60 Minutes
Speaking15 Minutes

Our Coures

At RG International we offer German language learning opportunity starting from beginner A1 level until the advanced B2 level in both Online and offline medium. We offer Intensive coaching from A1 to C1. Additionally, for students planning to appear for TestDaF examination, we offer TestDaF preparatory course as well.

A12 Months2 Hrs/DayMon-Sat
A22 Months2 Hrs/DayMon-Sat
B12 Months2 Hrs/DayMon-Sat
B22 Months2 Hrs/DayMon-Sat
C12 Months2 Hrs/DayMon-Sat

We provide study books(set of 3), English-German dictionary and practice material free of cost to our students. Certificate of participation Is generated at the end of each course

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